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Nick Gancitano Coaching kickers since 1986, Nick Gancitano has earned the reputation of America's #1 Kicking Coach, developed 48 Division IA and IAA collegiate kickers, including 13 All-Americans, most recently, the former collegiate All-American and now Minnesota Vikings place-kicker Blair Walsh.



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Nick Gancitano's Kicking Academy specializes in 1-on-1 instruction and state-of-the-art qualitative video analysis, which Nick personally uses to fine-tune kickers and maximize their potential from anywhere in the country.

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The Many Kicking Academy Success Stories include:

John Anderson* Washington
Taylor Northrup Princeton
Dan Eichloff* Kansas
Scott Kaplan* Pittsburgh
Chris Gardner Michigan State
Kevin Kopka* Notre Dame
David Adams Air Force
Peter Veldman Pennsylvania
John Dorsey Tennessee
Dan Rogers Purdue
Doug Jones Arizona
Mike Schafer Syracuse
Will Rhody* Valdosta State
Sung Kim Miami (Florida)
Jared Guberman* West Georgia
Matt Groff Kent State
Mike Brown Boston
Rob Wright Harvard
Chris Christoff Michigan State
Scott Collins Penn State
Brian Mitchell*
And many more...

*Denotes All-American