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Nick GancitanoNick Gancitano, Penn State's All-Time Most Accurate Place Kicker, had his NFL career cut short when he injured his knee in 1986. Since then, he has been training place kickers in South Florida and throughout the country, where he travels to various universities to assist in developing our nation's top collegiate place kickers. Over the past 24 years, Nick has earned the reputation of America's #1 Kicking Coach, having developed 48 Division IA and IAA collegiate place-kickers, including 13 All-Americans, most recently, the former collegiate All-American and now Minnesota Vikings place-kicker Blair Walsh. Nick, who places emphasis on the development of basic fundamentals and concentration skills, received his degree in the field of biomechanics from Penn State University.

Nick Gancitano's Kicking Academy specializes in 1-on-1 instruction and state-of-the-art qualitative video analysis, which Nick personally uses to fine-tune kickers and maximize their potential. Many camps and coaches boast 1-on-1 instruction, though few actually offer it, whereas Nick places the greatest emphasis on 1-on-1 guidance, except under rare circumstances, where two kickers may be utilized to enhance each other's performance. And although Nick allows competition in the development of each kicker, he places far more emphasis on self-realization and the perfection of technique, focus, flexibility and strength—essentially eliminating injuries that commonly plague place kickers who use biomechanically unsound styles.

Nick also discourages participation in large, competition-based kicking schools until entering one's senior season, so as to increase visibility to the universities. The Kicking Academy 1-on-1 sessions are distinctly different and personalized, rather than mirroring the herds in a cattle call, where kickers are brought through in assembly-line fashion, preventing each individual kicker from being coached according to his specific needs. Because in the end, it is the fine-tuning that separates the average high-school kicker from a top collegiate one, and ultimately an All-American.

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Blair Walsh

"As a sophomore, Blair Walsh enjoyed the most accurate season by a kicker in SEC history last year when he hit 91% of his field goal tries (20-for-22) and all 50 of his PATs."

t year when he hit 91% of his field goal tries (20-for-22) and all 50 of his PATs."

Here's what Minnesota Vikings place-kicker Blair Walsh had to say about Nick Gancitano:

"When I discovered Nick, I knew he had trained many collegiate and even NFL kickers, so I felt lucky to train with him. He spent countless hours refining both the physical and mental aspects of kicking with me and taught me awesome technical skills. In fact, I use these every day of my life! Nick constantly instilled in me that I can achieve anything. As a High School and Collegiate All-American, I was recruited by over 60 colleges, so I worked hard, but none of my accomplishments would have been possible without the instruction, friendship and inspiration of Nick Gancitano."

Blair Walsh
Minnesota Vikings Place-Kicker



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